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3 Week Check Up and Issues

So I have been struggling – seriously – with being able to get enough fluids in and keeping my food down.  I thought that it was mostly by body adjusting to the new system, but I discovered at my 3 week post op check up that I likely had a stricture.  A stricture is when scar tissue forms at the opening into the intestines directly under my little tiny new stomach pouch – so that’s not good.  No wonder stuff was coming back up all the time!  It was bad enough that my weight loss was much smaller than the other 2 people in my 3 week class, because I was not getting enough protein or fluids.  The nutritional aspect of the program cannot be overstated, it is SO important.

Here is why I love Dr. Snyder and his team so much – Dr. Snyder immediately whipped out his phone and texted Dr. Dan Siegel to get me in ASAP to do an endoscopic procedure on my stricture to get rid of it.  Amanda, Dr. Snyder’s clinical nurse, gave me Dr. Siegel’s assistant’s number and I called her as I was walking over to my mandatory 3 week Post Op nutrition class to see if I could see them yet that day.  I heard back from Michelle, the assistant, within minutes.  She told me to come on over to get the paperwork started, but that Dr Siegel was not available, one of his colleagues was instead.

OK, that’s all good…so I got there late in the afternoon, and I discovered that Dr. Siegel was suddenly available, he squeezed me in at 6:30 the following morning at Dr. Snyder’s request.  It was super easy – they knocked me out, cleared out the stricture and discovered that I also had an ulcer at the same location.  Apparently, about 6% of bypass patients experience this as a complication.  No biggie.  I have to say that Dr. Siegel is as wonderful at what he does (GI) as Dr. Snyder is at bariatric surgery.  And he made it clear that Dr. Snyder wanted the very best for me.

There is a very good chance that the stricture will come back since it happened so early, so I may need to do the procedure again.  I still consider all of this no big deal, it’s just a part of getting to where I need to be.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be headed down this path with the amazing team at Denver Bariatrics at Rose Medical taking care of me every step of the way!

I am excited to see my weight loss catch up in the next few weeks!  Even with all of this going on, I was at 207 at my check up.  I started this journey at 237 on Dec 22nd.

Stay tuned!


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2 weeks post-op ~ lessons learned

I am 2 weeks post-op now, and feeling better every day.  There have been some MAJOR learning moments, and I know that is normal.

First – I have always bounced back pretty quickly from surgery, and I have had some big ones.  This one is kicking my butt.  Much slower recovery than I expected.  I am doing all that I am supposed to do including lots of walking every day, but I am just worn out.  I am in bed by 6:30 almost every night.  And I still cannot sleep on my sides, so I am not sleeping all that well yet.

Second – the primary surgical site hurts.  A lot.  It is still a sharp stabbing pain.  I do have pain pills, but I don’t want to take them as you cannot drive or do anything when you are on them.  It took quite awhile to heal closed, and it hurts almost as much as when I came home.  The other 4 sites are all fine.  This is the one that they did all the actual work in, and I can feel all of it.  I actually opened it up a little a week ago and had to re-dress it for a few days.  Oops.

Third – I just started being able to shower and get ready by myself without worrying about getting all woozy.  I made the mistake at about day 4 to try that on my own and wound up laying on the floor of my bathroom for 30 minutes while the feeling passed.  So silly of my.  But I felt so grimy I just did not want to wait for help.

At my one week check up I did great, got the tube pulled out (YAY!!!!) and got upgraded to what is called the pre-select diet.  Basically I get to eat one of the following every 2-3 hours in 1/2 to 1 oz increments: egg beaters, non fat yogurt, non fat pudding, non fat refried beans, non fat small curd cottage cheese.  I like the refried beans the best.

I need to drink about another 55-60 grams of protein per day because I need 65 total.  And I am shooting for 70+ ozs of liquid.  And that has to be zero or few calories.  That is harder than it sounds because you can only sip stuff.

And I am now on my vitamin regimen. I started out using what I have been using for 7 years, they are awesome, and just cutting them up, even though everyone told me to get chewables.  That worked just fine until Tuesday when a partial pill got caught in my new system….the opening is only 1cm, and it is rigid, vs what the rest of you have – 2cm of pliable opening that anything can get down.

Fourth – my HUGE lesson began.  My body spent all day trying to expel that pill, and it was not fun.  Let’s just say that nothing stayed down for about 18 hours, and as a result I felt miserable the next day as well because I was so weak.

Fifth – in my finest move yet, I did not measure my egg beaters, I just eye-balled it, so I ate a little too much and tossed those up as well.  The new pouch really is only 1 oz.  So I cost myself 2 days this week.  Ugh.  I guess most people learn this the hard way and I did.  I get it now.  Basically my body is busy resetting itself and it does not care that it is inconvenient for me!

As a result, I have  had to reschedule a lot of stuff. I hate doing that, but it is what it is.  I am learning to adjust, and cannot wait for when I can start training and getting in to my new normal life!

Thanks for your support and stay tuned!!!

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