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Lots of Progress!

It has been an amazing month.  I am almost 12 weeks post-op, and as of this morning have lost 60 pounds!  I weigh 181, started at 241. My BMI is now UNDER 30 (started at 40), and I am wearing size 12 jeans (started at 20-22)!!!  I am shopping in normal stores, I feel amazing, and I look better than I have in over 20 years.  One of the things that is really mind-blowing to me is that the last time I wore size 12s, I was in the high 160s….so all of the training that I am doing for my races is clearly paying off in inches off my body!

So the training – I am so blessed to be a part of the Overweight to Endurance Athletes group that Richard Kalasky put together to give back to the community that helped him lose so much, and he is now a triathlete!  We are running the Colfax Marathon Relay on May 20th with 2 teams, and I am also running in a few other 5Ks.  I run 3-4 days per week – about a 5K each run (3.2. miles, never less, sometimes more), and weight train 2 days a week as well.  I do not currently have a huge desire to run a marathon, but I am eyeing doing a half marathon by the end of the year.

I seem to have FINALLY gotten my nutrition under control.  I was not keeping anything down, and Dr. Snyder assessed it as Tequila Syndrome – meaning that because everything made me nauseous, everything made me nauseous.  So I went back to liquid only for a week, and then started adding foods back in.  I am now down to just one protein shake per day and am chewing the rest of my food.  My stomach pouch is still quite tiny – maybe 1.5 ozs, so I am working on getting it a bit larger.  We also had to add carbs to my diet because of the training and that has really helped, along with an electrolyte drink when I train and energy gels that are full of carbs.  I was just so weak prior to getting this all worked out when I was training that it became a huge issue.

And – I can now brush my teeth without getting sick…you have no idea how awesome that is!

Some of you know that I am a VP with Arbonne – an amazing Swiss-based health & wellness network marketing company.  Our annual conference is at the end of April in Las Vegas, and this will be my 7th event.  I have always been the fat girl in the room….and I am SO excited to go with my new cute clothes, cocktails dresses and new attitude!  I am also getting a new haircut today as well.  And of course right before the trip, I am doing an organic spray tan, lots of waxing and mani/pedi….things I mostly did not bother with in years past because I just wanted to blend into the woodwork.  I will look and feel AWESOME!!

I LOVE the new sassy, confident and strong woman who is emerging from underneath the weight of the shedding pounds, the evaporating medical co-morbidities and my emotional health!!!  I intend to keep her around for the rest of my LONGER and BETTER life!

Stay tuned!!

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Halfway there – with pictures!

As promised, here are photos from the night before my surgery (January 25th, surgery was January 26th), and a few progress pictures, all taken this past weekend at 9 weeks/2months post-op.

My stats:
Marie Silverstein, 49 years old.  Gastric bypass surgery January 26th, 2012. Starting weight 241lbs/BMI of 40.  Current weight 187lbs/BMI of 31.5.  Weight loss of 54lbs, halfway to goal of 135 (surgeon’s goal is 150 or BMI of 25)
Co-morbidities at start: depression, hypertension, pre-diabetes, sleeping issues, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.  Depression is gone, hypertension is gone, pre-diabetes is gone, asthma and arthritis no longer require daily meds.
It is good to be me!
Stay tuned!!
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