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GOAL is in my sights!

It has been another amazing month.  I am now 4 months post-op, and as of this morning have lost 72 pounds!  I weigh 169, I started at 241. My BMI is now 27 (started at 40), and I am wearing size 10 jeans (started at 20-22) and MEDIUM tops!!!  I feel amazing.  The last time I wore size 10s, I weighted 155….so all of the exercise is clearly paying off in inches off my body!  My goal is 145,  at which point I will be consulting with the plastic surgeon to remove the excess skin and get a tummy tuck and raise the girls up!  People tell me that will take another 5-10 pounds off, so that will put me at my personal goal!!!  I am planning the surgery for this coming December.

So the training – I got a stress fracture in my right foot a few weeks ago from over training that kept me out of the Colfax Marathon Relay.  I wanted to cry…but stuff happens.  I am walking my dogs as much as ever, I am not wearing a boot (even if it takes longer to heal I am not wearing that thing) and weight training.  Speaking of my dogs – we adopted a very sweet 4 year female Great Dane whom we have named Dodi (it means Beloved in Hebrew) to be a sister to our male Great Dane Asher (also 4, and his name means Good Fortune).  They are so much fun, and I love my walks and hikes with them.  I truly think that dogs are a great addition to the family and the exercise regimen!!  They WILL help you get the weight off and build your endurance.  I urge you to ADOPT (please do not buy which only supports the brutal puppy mill industry!) and save a life!

I had a long plateau this month – I went almost 2 weeks with the scale not budging at all.  And to recap – I AM 100% compliant to the food and exercise plan – so stuff just happens.  I kept going, and voila!  It finally started moving again.  I AM IN CHARGE here!  Not the scale!

I still struggle a little with keeping some stuff down, and that is normal.  I am very gradually trying new proteins.  Some work, some don’t.  My 50th birthday was 2 days ago, and I was not successful keeping a beef slider down.  Live and learn.  My stomach pouch is still quite tiny – maybe 2 ozs, so I am working on getting it a bit larger.  I am having to eat about every 2-3 hours to get 65-80ozs of protein in per day.  I have mastered the fluids and am getting 70-80 ozs in per day.

I saw the dentist for a cleaning last week, my gag reflex is awful – and worse since the surgery, and I warned them….but they didn’t believe me and they paid the price if you get my drift.

So, my Arbonne business trip was in late April, and I had SO. MUCH. FUN!  I had cute clothes, I felt fabulous, I lost weight while I was there and EVERYONE just about flipped when they saw me.  That has to be one of the most gratifying things about this transformation – besides how darn great I feel!

Top photo is me at the Arbonne conference at 176lbs. I am down 7lbs from this photo. The dress is a size 12. Light grey dog is our new girl Dodi, and the darker dog is Asher my boy!

Stay tuned!!

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