Who Knew Shopping Could Be Fun???

Recently I have been shopping for new clothes as none of my former clothes fit me anymore.  I had 20s (should have been 22s) through 16s in women sizes – meaning the at the 16W is about a regular 18 at a store like Old Navy or Nordstroms.  I am now a true size 10 and a medium in dresses and tops…which is surreal to me.  This is a great problem to have, but ultimately challenging for me.  I have not really been out shopping for clothes in decades.  I have just run into Lane Bryant, gotten whatever looked OK, and left.  Usually in black or other dark colors, and I certainly did not linger trying lots of things on.  The whole process was just mortifying because I felt so awful about how I looked.

I needed some clothes and went shopping.  I kept snagging 12s and 14s thinking they would fit, and could not figure out what the issue was.  Finally one of the staff came and looked and just left and returned with size 10s and mediums.  I was so freaked out because I was sure they would not fit and I would be mortified. Again.

But they did fit – everything.  AND – I already needed new underwear and bras, and I just swapped those out in April.  So freaking weird.  Not to anyone else, just me.  I am down 75 pounds.  I weigh 166 – just 16 pounds from my surgeon’s goal for me, and it is becoming apparent that I may be a size 6-8 at that weight, and very likely in some small tops.  Kind of freaks me out.

Part of what I needed was a new bathing suit.  I wound up buying a size 10 Badgely-Mishka to-die-for bathing suit.  I am attaching a picture, just to be brave.  And a cute little dress to wear to a graduation event.  The dress is a medium from Express.  Where normal people shop!!!!!  Picture also attached.

As I was running around shopping, I almost walked into Lane Bryant – from habit……..it was such a defining moment for me.  I will never shop there again.  Ever.

And now – people who are meeting me for the first time have no idea that there is a former fat girl living inside of me.  My outside is reflecting how I always knew I could be….and the hard work is paying off….so quickly!  It has only been 4 1/2 months since my bariatric birthday – January 26, 2012.  And I am healthy, active, compliant to my exercise and meal plan, and LOVING my life.

I have energy, sleep well, look great and am becoming a role model to others.  I never feel depressed anymore, and I have none of the overt medical issues that I was literally carrying around with my obesity.  I love it, and it feels so huge all at the same time.

I am still shocked regularly by how insensitive people can be.  Most people are either genuinely interested in the path to my surgery and what has happened since, or just plain happy for me…but a smaller percentage will come right out and either say that I “cheated” or that I should have had more willpower and just dieted and exercised.  Truly amazing what people think they have the right to say regarding other people’s health.

I am going back in to get my stress fracture checked out next week.  I am hoping I can start running again…my weight loss has slowed down without it – even though I am weight training and walking, it;s not the same.  You have to do cardio, and keep doing it to get the rest of the weight off.  The surgery is not a magic pill….you have to use the tool and do the work yourself.

That’s it for now….stay tuned!!!








One thought on “Who Knew Shopping Could Be Fun???

  1. Where is my Wife?
    Everyone can lose a few pounds here and there but Marie has done more than that. She has created a whole new life for herself and for our family.

    She researched what would be best for her, then she research the medical and support team and then she told me what her plans were. Having a plan is only a small part of the battle, it is the execution that matters. Our grocery bills are smaller, our resaurent tabs are smaller but we still go out all the time! I have seen numerous trash bags filled with large sized clothes leaving my house. Being replaced with cute sassy outfits.

    Marie recently turned 50, her friends asked what they could get her. The obvious was anything dog rescue related but I added Victoria Secret gift certificates to the mix. Marie thought I was being silly, but here friends didn’t as she got a few presents from there and without going into graphic details her new cute “little” lingere fits her very nice in all of the right places.

    This has not been easy, but it really hasn’t been that hard either. We continue to try new foods and places. Marie is a new person, she wants to go to the pool, she wants to help others learn about the experience but most of all that 168 pound woman I married is back (and 2 sizes smaller!) only now there aren’t any stretchy pants or sweats in her closet. Those have all been replaced with cute little frilly things, I look forward to watching her model all of the new stuff. The issue is, she continues to eat right and excercise, so todays cute stuff is soon to be replaced with smaller and cuter outfits!

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