The 80/20 Rule

I was so excited to begin this journey, and it has been amazing!  I am constantly shocked at how much my life has changed in 4 1/2 months!  I remember chatting with my surgeon, Dr. Michael Snyder right after my surgery while I was still in the hospital.  I was thanking him for this awesome gift – my new tool of my gastric bypass.  And he said that while it was a great tool, and 80% of the weight loss process would come pretty rapidly if I followed the system, the last 20% would be the same tough work that everyone faces, and then keeping it off would be just like everybody else.

Of course I heard that and understood it, but now I GET IT!

To recap:

I started at 241lbs.  I am 5’5 1/2″ and that gave me a BMI of 40 – morbidly obese.

My surgeon’s goal for me is 150 – a weight loss of 91 lbs and a BMI of 25.  The top of normal weight.

My goal is 135lbs, and a BMI of 22.  Mid-range normal.  And – I am small boned, although I lied with a straight face for decades about how I was just a big, athletically built girl.  Not true.

I currently weigh 165lbs, with a BMI of 27 – slightly overweight.  I have lost 76lbs, which is 83% of my surgeons goal for me, and 72% of my goal.

My weight loss has slowed WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down in the last several weeks.  I am now losing in 1 pound increments per week.  Seriously.  This is while I am exercising, consuming maybe 800 calories a day (burning 300+ with exercise and normal activity on average per day) and drinking about 80+ ozs of water daily.

I am not frustrated.  I did my research, I knew this would happen.  ALL progress is awesome, and every week I am down from the week before. I am one of those weird people who weighs every day, and honestly I would stop that if it was stressing me out, but it is not.  We have one of those scales like you see in a doctor’s office, and it shows ounces.  So I weigh myself almost every morning at the same time without a stitch on, and it shows a few ounces every day.  SUCCESS!!!!  My clothes are still showing inches lost at a pretty rapid pace – which is so fun, because it shows that the exercising is REALLY paying off!  I have to go out and buy new jeans and new shorts again.  And I just did that.  I’ll be in size 8’s very soon.  Surreal!

This process WORKS…if you do the do.  I AM doing the do.  And I will kick that 20% right in the ass!

Stay tuned!



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