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9 Months Post Op – I’m Healthy!!!

A before photo to reference.

WOW!  It has been an amazing 9 months!  This time last year I weighed somewhere between 240-250lbs, and I had given up completely on ever being at a healthy weight.  I would have given up a limb to get to 180.  And a size 10 sounded like a mythical achievement!

I had my 9 month check up this week, and my greatest achievement thus far is the gift of health back to myself.  I am now in better shape than I was when I started college 32 years ago!  I was also really flattered to have been asked to be a mentor for a few incoming gastric bypass patients, that will start soon.  I will also become a regular at the bariatric seminars on the patient panel and will occasionally also be introducing Dr Snyder as well.  Truly honored to be a part of this world-class team!

My stats:

Start weight was 241. BMI of 40. Size 22.  Shoe size 8.5. BP 150+/100+.  Body fat 53% (normal is 19-26%). I had health issues of depression, hypertension, pre-diabetes, sleeping issues, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

9 months post op I weigh 140 – yes, I have lost over 100lbs!!! My BP is 102/64. My BMI is 22.9.  I wear size 4 jeans, size 6 in a dress. I am now a size 6.5 in shoes. I have no idea what my former dress size was because I didn’t own any. My body fat is now less than 23%. My health issues including the depression are gone!  I have very mild joint discomfort occasionally.  And this is all before I have the surgery to remove the extra skin in my abdomen.  These numbers will get even better and put me from a fitness category into an athlete category!
I have no problem reaching for small sizes when I shop now, and in fact just had to purchase new winter jackets and coats that are smalls!!  I have learned to try on the next size down with everything I buy because that is usually the one that fits.  I had a huge AHA moment this week. I bought myself very cute extended calf boots several months ago.  I had to get them stretched to even go on over bare skin.  They now fit over jeans which is a look I love, and and can see that soon I will be able to buy normal size boots.  I couldn’t do that even when I was young.  My body has completely re-contoured itself, and it is small and sleek.  And healthy.
I recently chopped off my hair and colored it red to go with my new look and I love it.  Makes me feel sassy and strong.  I think I will keep it this way for quite awhile.
One of my new revelations is that I am now cold.  All the time!  I used to keep my house at 60 degrees, and everyone else froze.  Now I  wear fuzzy boots on my feet and layer sweaters and scarves.  A few days ago it was 70 here and I was dressed like it was mid winter.  Hilarious!
I have so much energy!  I stay up much later than I used to, and I am also sleeping a little longer in the morning…I still get up before 6:00 most days, but that is a big change from my previous go to bed at 9:00 and get up at 5:00 with lots of waking during the night.  Now I usually sleep through the night, going to sleep around 11:00 and getting up around 6:00.
Every change I made this year has been worth it.  No caffeine?  Who cares!  No booze?  So what!  Teeny tiny meals?  Bring it on! I would do all of this again tomorrow!
A few shout outs are in order here:
Dr Michael Snyder, my bariatric surgeon and his amazing team – I LOVE YOU GUYS!  And am forever grateful.
My husband Scott – I love you, you are my rock, and you helped me believe.  There is no one else like you in the world.
My family – mom, Chelsea & Arin – you believed, and you cheered me on.  I love you, and I am grateful.
My dogs!!!!  – My exercise companions, my confidantes, my huggers when I was weak.  You bless me with your uncomplicated love and your total conviction that I am the coolest person on the planet in your eyes. Everyone should be so blessed.
My friends – you know who you are.  I love you.  Thank you for believing in me.
Ok, a few photos:

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Stay tuned!!!!!
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