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It Has Been a Life Changing Year!

Hi Everyone!

I truly cannot believe it has been a year since my surgery!  My life is COMPLETELY different in every aspect from one year ago.

First my stats:

Start weight was 241. BMI of 40. Size 22.  BP 150+/100+.  Body fat 53% (normal is 19-26%). I had health issues of depression, hypertension, pre-diabetes, sleeping issues, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

1 year post op and I weigh between 135-138 – I have lost 106lbs!!! My BP is 102/64. My BMI is 22.  I wear size 4 jeans, and small tops. My body fat is now less than 23%. My health issues are gone!  I have very mild joint discomfort occasionally.  And this is all before I have the surgery to remove the extra skin on my abdomen which is planned for later this year – that will take off about 8-10 pounds of extra stuff and then I will be done.  That will be AWESOME!  When I wear cute dresses now I still need to spanx it up, it will be lovely to not have to do that.
My daughter Chelsea spent the night here last month, and in the past when she has borrowed something to sleep in it has always been her dad’s stuff – still enormous on her tiny frame but smaller than wearing something of mine.  This time she wore my pajamas….and they FIT her!  That was really amazing.
I have felt like a “small” person for months now.  I do not see a heavy me in the mirror.  Lots of people told me I would always feel like an obese person inside forever…and I do not feel that way at all.   I feel tiny, I know I look small and heathy and it makes me feel wonderful!
I have gotten to a point where I am doing pretty well with the new “plumbing”.  Until last week I had not had an episode of sending food back up in a few months.  It happened while I was out of town, and that does seem to be when I am most vulnerable to problems eating.  Even if I eat the same things I eat at home, I don’t have as much control over what is actually in the food.  Still – a very small price to pay for my health.  Dr Snyder thinks I may need an endoscopy to open up the entry to my intestines from the bottom of my stomach pouch, so I am having a test done soon to do that.
I have so much energy.  At a time when many of my peers in their 50s are starting to slow down a little, I have energy to burn!  I also have a lot more social confidence.  I am by nature an introvert, so this has never been my strong suit – yet I find myself looking forward to being out now…and that was never the case before.  I know my husband is enjoying this change in me so much.  He is definitely the more social of the 2 of us, and he loves that I like being out more now.
My heart aches when I see a heavy person struggle….or with the look that I know so well…knowing that most people look through or past them, ignoring them and making them feel insignificant.  I know their pain.  I want to help all of them.
I am so incredibly grateful for this new life.  I wish everyone had the same opportunity to have this level of change.  I love where I am and where I am going….and I am finally comfortable in my own skin.
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